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About us- Who is No Remorse Tattoo?

Who is No remorse Tattoo? We have written this blog post as an introduction about us and our story so far.

No Remorse was established by Dave Martin in 2022, opening in Broadwater Stevenage in January 2023. Soley owning his own tattoo studio has been a dream of his for many years, but all of the pieces finally fell into place in the summer of 2022 to make this a reality.

Dave's tattooing career started in 2005 and after a few years of guesting at different tattoo studios, he decided it was time to settle down. In 2011 after discussions with a good friend, the decision was made to open their own studio. This is when madhouse tattoo in Stanstead abbotts Hertfordshire was formed. After 11 years of co-owning and tattooing at madhouse tattoo, the time had come for dave to move on and open up his own studio, just as he had always imagined.

in 2022 the opportunity to open up his own studio in the Broadwater area of Stevenage arose and Dave knew that it was now or never and hasn't looked back since. with 17 years of tattooing experience and 11 years of co-owing Madhouse tattoo, he was ready for a change and ready to go it alone. With no-one to answer to but himself. after months of late nights preparing the studio and mountains of paperwork, No Remorse Tattoo was inspected and licensed by Stevenage Borough Council opening officially on the 12th of January 2023.

since opening in January 2023, we could not have felt more welcomed by the community and have been far busier than we have ever imagined. We are so grateful to Stevenage for welcoming No Remorse Tattoo with open arms.

currently residing at No remorse Tattoo, we have Dave Martin working as a full time artist & owner (you can view his gallery here). Dave has always been an artist, with a passion for drawing since childhood. Dave is capable of many different styles of tattooing as well as cover-ups, with colour realism being what he enjoys the most. We also have tattoo apprentice Archie. Archie became Dave's apprentice in November 2021, after completing his university degree in illustration. Archie has just made his progression on to human skin, in the hopes of progressing to the next stage of his apprenticeship soon and becoming a junior artist for us (you can view his work here). Further to Dave & Archie, we also have regular part-time freelance artist Graham. who has been tattooing for 25 years. Graham manages his own diary & bookings. we also have availability for licensed artists to rent chair space and guest artists are welcomed.


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